25 years…
January 28, 1986 ~
January 28, 2011

Dedicated to the seven brave men and women of Challenger STS-51L, along with all heroic pioneers who have lost their lives and “given all, just to lead the way”…

…and to all courageous explorers who continue to “risk their lives upon the challenge of the gods” in order to “bring that knowledge home and teach it to the child.”

They will not be forgotten.

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The Challenger (Where No One's Gone Before)

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Music & Lyrics © 1986 by Stephen Kay

NASA Mission Control Audio:
“T-minus 15 seconds…T-minus 10…
we have main engine start…4…3…2…1…
and liftoff…liftoff of the 25th space shuttle mission…”

What drives a man up against the odds
To risk his life upon the challenge of the gods?
What makes a woman abandon fear
And brave the dangers of the ultimate frontier?
Some people hide from the light of day
Others give all just to lead the way

Where no one’s gone before
The Challenger goes on, his heart is strong
The Challenger believes no right or wrong
Only courage…

What makes a man leave his mother earth
In search of knowledge to increase the human worth?
What drives a woman beyond the wild
To bring that knowledge home and teach it to the child?
Faint-hearted souls quake and compromise
It’s with the brave that the future lies

Where no one’s gone before
The Challenger stands tall, her head is high
The Challenger knows not the question why
Only courage…

The challenge must go on!

Seven the dreams that will never die
Seven the hearts that forever fly

Where no one’s gone before
The Challenger goes on to greet the dawn
Somewhere beneath the stars a million strong
Oh, I know, the Challenger goes on

The challenge must go on
The Challenger goes on…

NASA Mission Control Audio: “Challenger, go at throttle up.”
Challenger: “Roger, go at throttle up…”